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MS 24 Hr Mega Swim

Friends of the Fitzroy Pool
member Carol Cooke
came up with the
24 Hour Mega Swim
idea back in 2001, with t
first held at Fitzroy Pool.

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1994 Fitzroy Save Our Pool protestors fillthe pool

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In 1994, the Fitzroy pool was saved
after the Commissioners, who ran the local
council in those dark days, backed down
in the face of a massive campaign that
had thousands out in the streets
and a well organised occupation
to defend the pool site.

1994 pool campaign win newsletter

The Friends of the Fitzroy Swimming Pool

The Friends of the Pool group is now
in suspended animation.
It slumbers, ready to be awakened
at the first hint of a move
to wreck or shut down
the mighty Fitzroy pool.

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A pool saved

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Save Our Pool
Campaign 1994

The Fitzroy Pool
was opened in 1908.
Its birthday
is on October 21.